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Nyet, Ya Kashka

things that I say

9 July 1988
I hate these things. I really do. Whenever I fill one of these out I'll blank on what I should put in here, then afterwards I'll think, 'well, I should mention this... and this...' ><

This journal is just that: a journal. I'm not leasing it out to my close friends IRL. I'm not sure if I'm comfortable with them reading it. My journal will be part rants, part raw emotions, part stupid quiz-taking, and part whatever catches my fancy.

Oh, you want to know about me? I'm an undergrad going to a college that I thought was going to be intensely backwater, but turned out to be pretty alright. Other than that, everything that needs to be known about me is in my journal. Read that if you want to get in my head. Admittedly, there are quite a few friends-locked posts, but there are more than enough public ones for you to get the gist. If you're interested, I'm always up for friending (hint hint).

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